$650 a month includes board, training and weekly lesson

Manahan Stables LLC offers professional horse training specializing in the American Saddlebred Horse.  All breeds are welcome.

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*We offer:
  Top Quality Horse Training.  We are committed to all our horses equally and make sure to have an experienced and knowledgeable professional trainer available to work them on a daily basis.  We focus on each persons individual goals and work with them to achieve what they want. 

  Training to a limited number of horses.  Your horse and you will get a lot of individualized attention.  Think of sending a child to school.  When picking a school many parents choose a private school as the student teacher ratio is lower and the teachers spend more time one on one with the students.  Providing training to a limited number of horses allows us to focus on the individual needs of the horse.
  Top Quality Hay.  Our premium hay typically comes from less than 5 miles away off fields that we have personally inspected and grown to our specifications.    
  Friendly & Professional Atmosphere.  The barn is a comfortable and happy place.  The horses here invite you to visit and see how happy they are.  While we take our work very seriously this is great sport and we are all going to have fun.  Our team has a great time at home and at the shows.  We are thought of as a “low-stress” barn in that we work calm and patiently with our horse and rider teams.  We sincerely believe that “louder doesn’t mean clearer...it just means you’re yelling.”  We’re proud to have clients who are all very content here and know that their needs can be achieved.

  Best Buy.  We operate our business very efficiently and never sacrifice quality in order to give a tremendous buy for your hard earned dollar.  If you are considering our stable please contact us so we can discuss how we can meet your needs and stay within your budget.  Your call will remain confidential.

  If your horse could talk, what would he say?  Make the call now and schedule a time visit us.    

Manahan Stables LLC (763)444-6722